3 routines to a bikini butt

Will your butt make the cut to a beach-ready bod? These workouts will help you achieve that bikini-worthy rear.

Take a moment: turn around, take a peek at your rear and tell us what you see. If you think you need a little help in the lifting and toning department, there is no better time than now to take action because summer is on its way.

Thanks to these YouTube fitness babes, we share three workout routines to help shape and sculpt your buns to bikini butt glory. Summer booty, here we come!

Bikini Booty Routine, Tone It Up

Want the perfect beach body? Tone It Up babes Karena and Katrina are your best girlfriends. The Bikini Series is their most-loved series to date, and these ultimate beach babes will grill you hard to achieve your desired body — with gorgeous smiles to boot(y).

Catch these girls in our 10 Fitness Girls On Instagram Who Will Inspire You feature.

30-Day Butt Lift, BeFiT

Featuring top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and Jane Fonda, we know we are in safe hands when it comes to getting the most out of our workouts.

The 30-Day Butt Lift workout system consists of “an intense lower body workout that focuses specifically on the glutes to burn fat, tighten the abs, tone the legs, and sculpt a strong and shapely butt”.

Try the first routine and your muscles will be burning but stick with it for a great booty boost.

5 Best Butt Exercises To Sculpt A Cute Booty, Blogilates

If you hate squats with a vengeance, this workout by creator of POP Pilates Cassey Ho is for you. No squats and no equipment required — just the way we like it. With Cassey’s chatty and lively manner, you’ll think you’re engaged in a fun workout with your best friend. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Which booty lifting workout will you try today? Tell us by commenting below.

Feature image repost from Shape.com.

Health & Wellness June 12, 2015

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