SkinnyMint Teatox gets results and ‘beats the bloat’, say customers

In a recent survey our customers said our detox left them feeling less bloated, they got the results they were after and they would recommend it to a friend. Oh, and it tastes great too!*

If you’re looking for a detox that really helps your belly bloat then SkinnyMint Teatox is the one for you and if you want proof, just ask our customers.

In a recent survey*, we did just that. We asked over one thousand people who had been on the SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox what they thought of our product and not only did the majority say it’s a good detox that gets the desired results but 82 per cent said they felt less bloated.

82 per cent of customers surveyed said they felt less bloated

Looking and feeling gorgeous is what SkinnyMint is all about and as well as beating the bloat, our customers said they felt cleansed, with 81 per cent agreeing that the Night Cleanse tea flushed them out.

When it comes to flavor, we have created the yummiest teatox out there and you agreed, because 84 per cent of people said they enjoyed the taste of our tea.

Our Morning Boost and Night Cleanse teas are packed with flavor and 84 per cent of you said you enjoyed the taste.

Bursting with flavour, the Morning Boost tea tastes fresh, tropical and fruity and the Night Cleanse tea is fresh and earthy, with notes of lemongrass, ginger and orange leaves.

So our customers agree that our tea is yummy, battles bloating, makes you look and feel great and gets the results you want…. it’s no surprise then that you’re keen to share the love with your besties with 90 per cent of you saying you would recommend SkinnyMint to a friend!

The great news for you and your bestie is we have a Besties Value Teatox so you can look and feel fabulous together and save money.

Grab your bestie because 90 per cent of you said you would recommend SkinnyMint to a friend!

Check out the results of our survey and try our SkinnyMint 2-Step tea detox today.

  • 90% of customers would recommend SkinnyMint to a friend
  • 82% agreed they felt less bloated
  • 81% agreed the Night Cleanse flushed them out
  • 84% enjoyed the taste of our tea program
  • 76% agreed it was a good detox
  • 76% produced the desired result

Thousands of you have already gone on the SkinnyMint Teatox journey and you’re loving it. Get more real results from our happy customers. Will you #DareToBeGorgeous?

*Survey carried out in early June 2015, which received 1094 responses from customers who have completed the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox Program in the past 3 months.

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

(Main image: @cassersemis and @deborah_tmz)

Customer Stories June 10, 2015

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