A swimsuit guide for your body type

Any kind of body is a bikini body — you just need to pick the right swimsuit. Here’s how to pick the best ones for your body type.

Whether you’re flat-chested or bootylicious, there is always a chance to show off a va-va-voom bikini bod this summer season. All you have to do is know the right style of swimsuit to flatter your body type and you’re on your way to being bikini-season ready. Ahead, discover how you can accentuate your best features or hide your problem areas to rock the beach looking smokin’ hot.

Small-chested vs. Big-chested

Choose triangle-shape bikini tops for small-chested ladies and halter tops for bigger-chested ladies. (Picture repost from Nordstorm.com and Zimmermannwear.com)

For small-chested ladies looking for a lift, avoid solid-colored bikini tops and go for patterns or embellishments to create visual volume. Choose little triangle-shape tops without the excess fabrics that can drown your boobs. For that extra push, opt for a structured top with under-wire or padding. Who says small isn’t sexy?

If your breasted assets are on the bigger side, support is key. Ditch the string bikinis and look for thicker straps that will do a better job in holding your ladies up. You also need one which comes in cup sizes and with under-wire so you don’t risk a wardrobe malfunction. Halter-necks also help to avoid and camouflage spillage.

Flat booty vs. Bootylicious butt

Favor light colours for flat booties and darker shades for bootylicious behinds. (Pictures repost from Nordstorm.com and Farfetch.com)

Just like small-chested ladies, colors, patterns or frills will help to give an illusion of volume for a flat booty. Try a bottom with horizontal stripes. It will help you look a little wider than you naturally are. Stay away from darker colours like black that have slimming effects. Finally, choose Brazilian cuts that will show off a bit of your butt cheeks to make your bum appear fuller.

If you’ve got buns like Kim K., skip the high-cuts and get a bottom with more coverage. Get a side-tie bottom so you can easily adjust coverage. Favor darker shades over bright tones for slimming effects. Pair solid-color bottoms with printed tops to balance out your overall look. If you like prints, remember to find ones that have smaller patterns to avoid drawing attention to your rear.

Short legs vs. Short torso

Brazilian cuts are perfect for shorter legs while shorter torsos should avoid this high-cut style. (Pictures repost from Nastygal.com and Topshop.com)

For shorter legs, high-cut bottoms are your ally. Avoid a thick waistband that can potentially take inches off your pins. The Brazilian cut is the perfect swimsuit type for you and ultimately plays up the length of your legs.

If you have a shorter torso, the trick is to lengthen and lift. Go for low-rise bottoms instead of high-waisted ones to show off more skin and length. Vertical stripes on your bikini top also helps to elongate your torso. Settle for halter straps to give your upper torso a lift, keeping attention away from your mid-section. Do away with a high-cut bottom that shows off more skin on your legs to strike an overall balance.

Do you find these tips useful for your body type? Sound off by commenting below.

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