5 ways to stay motivated when you teatox

The SkinnyMint teatox program is easy to follow and requires minimum commitment, but sometimes we all need a little extra encouragement to stay on track. These tips will help you sail through your detox.

Hectic lifestyles, constant temptations, peer pressure… yes motivation can take a battering when confronted with all these factors. And while teatoxing requires minimal commitment, there is always a possibility that you’ll fall off track.

So if you’re worried you won’t make it through your teatox then read our five tips to help you stay driven and get the most out of your teatox program.

Teatox with a friend so you can compare notes and give each other extra encouragement.

Do it with a friend

Remember when you were little and your teacher made you pair up with a friend to do everything together? The buddy system is a great way to help you monitor, compare notes and encourage one another to keep going. Grab a friend and get started – together!

Here’s what’s even better: share your motivation with your bestie with our Besties Value Teatox pack and save 20 per cent.

Stay motivated during your teatox by weighing yourself once a week. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Recognize your process 

Instead of just focusing on the finishing line, pay attention to your teatox progress. Get on the weighing scale, measure your waistline, and pay attention to the positive changes happening to your body. But of course, don’t get obsessive! We recommend that you measure up once a week during your 28-Day teatox program.

Document your journey and get encouragement from friends on social media.

Document on social media

If you’re big on social media, share your teatox journey with your friends. Encouraging and reassuring words like “Wow! Keep it up!” and “You look so much healthier!” can really give a mega boost to your self-esteem.

Ps: We want to be part of your journey! Follow us on @skinnymintcom and share your teatox process with us by hash tagging #SkinnyMint and #DareToBeGorgeous.

Have a cheat day once a week and reward yourself — you deserve it! (Photo: Shutterstock)

Reward yourself

Don’t tell yourself that you can never have cake again. Tell yourself that you’ll save your cravings for cheat day. Do you know that loading up on carbs (moderately) is vital to your health too? Celebrate your teatox achievement with a cheat day once a week. Give yourself some cred. You totally deserve it!

Get inspired and follow health and wellness blogs like Karena and Katrina from Toneitup.com (Photo repost from toneitup.com)

Stay inspired 

Why be a one-man show when there are plenty of babes out there going through the same program as you? Stay inspired and motivated by following health and wellness blogs. Our current favorites to follow are Karena and Katrina from Toneitup.com.

Our all-time favorite go-to blog would have to be our very own SkinnyMint magazine. Want to know more about teatoxing, different workout techniques and clean eating recipes? You know where to find us. Let’s get started!

How do you stay motivated during your teatox? Share below.

Detox & Cleanse May 12, 2015

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  1. Hi I finished my 2 package of 28 days teatox over a week ago, but I didn’t consume the morning boost, is that why is not maximum in my loosing weight journey? I didn’t know that I should take a break in between 28 day teatox. And I just made an order again and thought I should do it right this time. What do you suggest? Thanks

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