Model Sarah Stage: Pregnant and six-pack sexy

This is Los Angeles-based lingerie model Sarah Stage (below), before her pregnancy.

And this is her just three weeks after going into labor. W. O. W.

She first announced the happy news on her Instagram account when she was seven months pregnant.

And the most amazing part was… nobody noticed before! Her followers started questioning her bump. One follower commented, “At 7 months pregnant, you could sit down, have no body fat and have six pack abs?” Another commented, “There is literally no baby bump. I didn’t know you were pregnant till the caption.”

Who can blame them, really?

Despite her smokin’ hot bod, Stage still has her cravings every now and then. Hey, cheat days are okay!

Going into eight months and with her bubba at almost five pounds, we find it hard to believe that her abs are still intact…

Stage’s pregnancy sparked off a controversial discussion on how her obsession with her body was harming her baby. To retort her haters and their sharp-tongue criticisms, this was what she posted. Preach!

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

On April 14, she delivered a baby boy named James Hunter. 8.7 lbs, 22 inches and a very healthy bub!

Four days into childbirth, Stage is ready to take on her mummy (and model duties) in her trademark uniform – lingerie! Is she the epitome of hot mama? Hell yes!

Feature image source: All image source: Sarah Stage Instagram.

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