5 teatox mistakes you should avoid

The SkinnyMint 2-Step program is simple, but when you’re new to teatoxing it’s easy to make mistakes. Get the most out of your tea detox with our tips.

You’ve got your pack of 28 Day Ultimate Teatox in your hands and you’re itching to put the kettle on. But before you do, read our teatox tips to make sure you steer clear of these common teatoxing mistakes.

Not eating

Remember: a teatox is never a diet or meal replacement. Regular meals are essential and not eating should never be part of your diet plan. A wholesome breakfast (we’re not talking donuts and coffee), for instance, fuels you up and gives you energy for the day ahead.

For a double energy combo, drink your Morning Boost Tea during breakfast. It imparts a fresh, tropical and fruity flavor that is an instant perk-me-up.

Eating junk food

When we say that you should never skip your regular meals, we mean healthy regular meals. Junk foods are high in sodium, have little nutritional value and can be outrageously over the top in calories… need we say more?

The SkinnyMint teatox rids your body of toxins, so avoid fast food – don’t feed your body with rubbish when you are actively trying to get rid of toxins that are so prevalent in junk food.

Overdosing on your teatox

A regular teatox program usually stretches for 28 days, not 365! While SkinnyMint uses all-natural herbal ingredients, it is recommended that you allow your body to rest for at least four-to-six weeks before you embark on your next program.

But because we know how tasty you find your SkinnyMint teas, the good news is that your Morning Boost Tea can still be consumed during your teatox break. Yum!

Going off course

Staying motivated with your teatox program, especially when you’re doing it alone, can be hard when it is your first time. But the worst thing you can do is fall off the wagon and give up halfway.
Stay on track — setting up reminders or getting a friend to come on board your teatox journey with you can help you stay the course.
Hint: Grab a friend and try our Bestie’s Value pack and you’ll be able to keep each other motivated.
Drinking alcohol
Alcohol contains nasty toxins, calories and everything that you want to avoid through your teatox program, so give it up for the month and you’ll get better results.
That said, we could never say no to a sensible glass of champagne. A little celebratory toast towards the end of your program never hurts. Cheers to teatox!
Do you have any teatoxing tips? Share them below.

Detox & Cleanse April 29, 2015

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