10 best yogi Instagrams to follow

Release your inner-warrior and align your chakras with these inspiring yoga Instragram must-follows.

If your idea of getting into shape is in the form of yoga, then you have to follow these Instagram feeds for their awe-inspiring yoga poses. From downward-facing dog to cobra and warrior III, it’s amazing what a human body can do with balance and strength — all against a gorgeous backdrop, no less!


As busy as she is juggling her health and wellness site, Two Fit Moms, her job as a yoga instructor and being a mother, Laura Sykora practices and posts pictures of her yoga journey daily. This Hawaii-based yogi also shows off pictures of her yoga poses with her adorable daughter, lovingly known as her “mini”. Super cute!


Based in California, yoga instructor Kerri Verna’s got the perfect backdrop for her poses — the beach. Along with her beach-side yoga snaps are her motivational speeches in the captions. They serve as timely reminders to spur us on mentally and physically every single day.


Founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles began her practice by sharing it on YouTube in 2007. Since then, she has created her own yoga concept, started her yoga studio and launched a clothing line — successfully transforming herself into a yoga icon. Follow her as she brings her practice around the globe.


We’ve featured Rachel Brathen in 10 fitness girls on Instagram who will inspire you and we couldn’t resist giving her another shout-out here. A yogi on the go, she ditches the yoga mat and trots across the globe balancing her handstands on paddle boards.


Why are ‘insta-yogis’ always based in idyllic destinations? Another jet-setter yogi, Caitlin Turner is the host of Yoga Bliss on the Indonesia Channel and a free-spirited traveler. Never seen without the most colorful and striking yoga pants, she’s a bona fide yogi pro and fashionista at the same time.


Yoga Journal and Women’s Health contributor; sponsored athlete for sports clothing brand Under Armour; founder of Poses for Paws and Aim True; a yoga teachers’ teacher… Kathryn Budig is many wonderful things with her Instagram handle oozing with positive vibes. Keep her in your feed for clean food recipes, mega cute dog pics and of course, her yoga demonstrations.


A couple who practices yoga together, stays together. Honza and Claudine Lafond fuse love, strength and balance together to belt out the most insane yoga poses in front of world-famous architectures and… the bedroom! Stop what you’re thinking and head over to their Instagram to find out what we’re talking about.


Based in Washington state, acro-yoga instructor Robin Martin defies all limitations of the human body and challenges jaw-dropping positions that will make your heart drop.


Also featured in 10 fitness girls on Instagram who will inspire you, former Australian pole vaulter Amanda Bisk started practicing yoga for recovery after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Now she is a yoga instructor, who is in her best form. FYI, we’ve got major legs-for-days envy.


Stephanie Birch’s feed radiates an overcurrent of zen and serenity. With an eye for minimalist aesthetics, get ready to be blown away by the calm and focused energy of her yoga poses. Or simply be “tickled” by the charm of her adorable daughter, as seen above.

Know an Insta-yogi that we should follow? Share with us by commenting below.

Health & Wellness March 6, 2015

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