A guide to SkinnyMint teatox

Get the skinny on SkinnyMint teatox right here! We walk you through the SkinnyMint two-step teatox programand everything you need to know before you begin your teatox journey.

Congratulations on deciding to go on the SkinnyMint teatox! If you are doing a teatox for the first time, you probably have loads of questions about how it works and what to expect. Teacups at the ready, here’s the lowdown on teatoxing …

What is teatox?

Over 350, 000 women all over the world drink SkinnyMint to kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

A teatox is a detox based on the world’s most popular beverage – tea. You detox by drinking specially formulated tea and in the case of SkinnyMint, very tasty tea!

How does SkinnyMint work?

SkinnyMint is created with all-natural ingredients.

SkinnyMint is a two-step teatox program that works to detox your body and kickstart your healthy lifestyle – the Morning Boost Tea and the Night Cleanse Tea. Each teabag contains a powerful blend packed with various herbs, tea leaves and fruits that are specially selected for their body-lovin’ properties.

The Morning Boost Tea is an excellent way to lift those sleepy eyelids and jump-start your morning. It naturally suppresses your appetite and can also be consumed daily as a substitute for coffee! On the other hand, our Night Cleanse Tea is designed to naturally purify the body which could lead to reduced bloating.

Read more on the list of ingredients in our Morning Boost Tea and Night Cleanse Tea to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

How to drink SkinnyMint?

82% of our customers said they enjoyed the awesome taste of our tea! (Credits: @marinamartini)

Our two teas work hand-in-hand to complement and support each other which is why we recommend that you take the Morning Boost Tea first in the morning to yield maximum benefit or with breakfast. Take the Night Cleanse Tea every alternate night just before going to bed and the cleansing will take place six to seven hours later.

Tip: Avoid drinking the Morning Boost Tea after 5PM as the caffeinated brew may interfere with your sleep.

How to brew SkinnyMint?

SkinnyMint teas can be enjoyed hot or chilled with lemon slices and honey.
  • Pour 1 cup of nearly boiling water (80 degrees Celsius) over one tea bag.
  • For the Morning Boost Tea, let it steep for 4-5 minutes before removing the tea bag.
  • For the Night Cleanse Tea, let it steep 2-3 minutes before removing the tea bag.
  • Enjoy your tea hot or cold (add in some ice cubes after brewing)!

Tip: The Morning Boost Tea can be re-brewed up to four times and our teas can also be taken chilled (you still need to brew the tea with hot water though). Add in mint, lemon, orange slices, honey, saffron or cardamom to enhance the flavor of the tea!

What are the do’s and don’ts of teatoxing?

Kickstart a healthy you with SkinnyMint!

 For those below 15 years of age, we recommend getting parental consent as we believe that any decision about your health is something to be taken seriously.

✘ Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid drinking the teas as our tea blends might be too strong.

 We strongly advise you to consult your GP before undertaking our teatox program if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Stay safe!

✘ We do not recommend drinking the Night Cleanse tea during fasting periods as it might result in watery stools, as there is no solid food to flush out. There is also limited water intake during fasting and drinking the tea might result in further dehydration.

 Remember to eat regularly and do not skip your meals as our teatox is NOT a diet or a meal replacement.

 SkinnyMint might flush out the contraceptive pill. To be on the safe side, do take the pill in the morning after you have been to the toilet and had your breakfast or early in the evening, 2-3 hours before you take the Night Cleanse Tea. Please do check with your doctor if you have anymore doubt.

Got any questions about teatoxing? Read the SkinnyMint teatox FAQs or ask us in the comments below!

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