7 easy tips to get rid of that belly bloat this summer

We’ve all suffered from bloating, but instead of covering up your stomach this summer, take control, banish the bloat and shrink that tummy now, with these simple tips.

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re panicking about a puffy-tummy then it’s time to take control and banish that bloat.

Diet and lifestyle choices can all contribute to an unwanted ‘expansion’ and make squeezing into your skinnys a tough task. But the good news is that there are some simple and surprisingly straightforward ways to fix the problem.

So ditch that cover-up sarong and say, ‘hello summer’ because you’ll be slipping into your itty-bitty bikini in no time!

1. Avoid using straws

Straws cause you to swallow air creating intestinal gas! (Image repost from Williams-sonoma.tumblr.com)

Next time you order a fruit smoothie get rid of the straw. It might look cute, but using a straw causes you to swallow air which can create intestinal gas.

2. Limit processed foods and chewing gum

Eating processed food, chewing gum and sucking hard candy is a no-no for digestion. (Image repost from Fabyoubliss.com)

Not only are processed foods low in nutrients, they are often low in fiber, which is what you need to keep your bowels regular. Eating processed food, chewing gum and sucking hard candy is a no-no for digestion as well. Sugar molecules or simple carbohydrates are easily and too quickly absorbed, resulting in a strain on the pancreas, which works to produce pancreatic juices for digestion in the small intestine.

We say, opt for whole foods and green leafy vegetables — these dietary fiber greens are a huge support for a healthy digestive system.

3. Drink lemon water

Potassium in lemons helps fight bloating and indigestion.

The potassium in lemons increases muscle contractions in the bowels which moves your food along more quickly (the official term for that is peristalsis) and wards off constipation. It also helps fight bloating and indigestion.

Hint. Lemon is a natural breath freshener and helps relieve toothaches and gingivitis, so squeeze half a lemon into water to freshen breath naturally. For more reasons to add lemons to your diet read 20 Benefits of Lemon Water.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercise will keep your digestive system moving, helping to prevent constipation.

Physical activity not only keeps you healthy, but also keeps your digestive system moving. It improves food breakdown generation and can even prevent constipation in the process.

Hint. Simple activities like taking the stairs instead of the lift can do wonders. Or pick up a new hobby — grab a jump rope for a fun and total fat burning workout!

5. Catch some z’s

Your digestive organ repairs during sleep and our Night Cleanse tea will help you get the rest you need.

Are you burning the candle at both ends? Maybe the stress of work or study is keeping you awake at night? If you want to take control of your tummy then it’s time to catch up on some sleep, because when you’re snoozing your digestive organ repairs and restores its digestive capability.

Hint: Ditch late-night TV watching and settle down with a good book and a relaxing bedtime drink instead — try our Night Cleanse tea. It warms up and relaxes your body, allowing you to sleep like a baby at night.

6. Eat more live yogurt

Adding Greek yogurt to your diet will give lots of digestive benefits.

Live yogurt, like original thick Greek yogurt, is rich in bifidobacteria (probiotic), a gastrointestinal microbiota believed to have lots of digestive benefits.

Hint. There are plenty of simple ways to add yogurt into your diet – add a spoonful to a bowl of fruit in the mornings, make a cucumber, mint and yogurt dip or just add a dollop to a healthy veggie curry.

7.Have a cup of SkinnyMint Night Cleanse tea

The dandelion and ginger in our Night Cleanse tea helps aid digestion. (Image repost from Instagram user caitbarker, michelematuro)

Our Night Cleanse tea contains dandelion and ginger which are natural herbs that help aid digestion as well as other 100 per cent herbal ingredients to naturally cleanse the body against bloating and constipation, including Senna Leaves and psyllium husk. It tastes great too!

Hint. Try the SkinnyMint 2-Step program. Do you know that 84% of SkinnyMint customers agree that they feel less bloated after their 28-Day Program and 86% agree that it was an effective detox? Check out real customer results here.

Have you got any tips to banish belly bloat? Share them below. 

*Every body type is different so results experienced may vary amongst individuals and hence cannot be guaranteed.

Health & Wellness January 29, 2015

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