What you should know about Morning Boost tea

Get the low-down on the full-flavor goodness of our Morning Boost tea, what’s in it, how it works and how we make it so darn tasty.

Tea is 99 per cent water, one per cent infused herbs, leaves and/or spices, and 100 per cent goodness. If you’ve been relegating your tea to mere hydration with a little bit of flavor indulgence, think again. That one per cent of infused flavor isn’t just flavor, it’s a whole bag-full of brilliant.

Our Morning Boost Tea is a blend that contains different types of herbs, tea leaves and fruit, all of which have been selected for their special properties. When combined, these ingredients create ‘food synergy’ – a little scientific trick which basically means that they work better, and are more powerful, together.

SkinnyMint tea expert Kasia Vermaire talks us through the five key ingredients of Morning Boost Tea and their special properties.

Yerba Mate

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“Used for years in Brazil and all of South America, the Yerba Mate is a daily tea consumed as an alternative to coffee. When drunk in its purest form, the caffeine content and energy kick is comparable to coffee.”

Guarana Fruits

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“Guarana is a seed that is both a source of caffeine and a diuretic. Commonly powdered and used in teas, it is used as an energy supplement after exerting large amounts of physical strength by the Amazon tribes.

When blended together, these two ingredients help to stimulate your metabolism.”


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“The bitterness of the dandelion root stimulates the liver and gallbladder – organs responsible for cleansing our bodies. It is said that our liver cleanses until 11am, making this a great ingredient to aid in your Morning Boost.”

Green Tea

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“I personally love green tea as it is the purest form of tea you can get. The tea hasn’t been oxidized (reacted with oxygen) and contains so many wonderful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It supports our liver, our digestion, increases energy and keeps us calm and focused.”

Nettle Leaves

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“Nettle leaves are as healthy as spinach. The leaves are great for increasing blood circulation, detoxification and also act as a diuretic. Nettle leaves are great for all sorts of skin problems like eczema or even early stages of rheumatism.”

And these ingredients create the perfect blend to get you started on your teatox program every morning. Have you tried your SkinnyMint Morning Boost Tea yet? Share your thoughts below.

Detox & Cleanse December 22, 2014

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