Ingredients of SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse tea

Want to find out how SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse tea works? We give you the lowdown on the ingredients in our delicious blend and how they all work. 

Skinny Mint’s Night Cleanse tea is filled with natural ingredients that have been chosen specifically to cleanse your body.

This caffeine-free brew contains calming ingredients like orange leaves, so it’s perfect to take in the evening to help you relax before bedtime.

We got the lowdown on the ingredients in this powerful brew from our SkinnyMint tea expert Kasia Vermaire.

Senna is a natural laxative and the main reason your bowel will start to react. You might also notice a decrease in appetite. When you eliminate properly, your body will crave healthy and pure ingredients. But when constipated, it stimulates your appetite to have something to ‘push’ through. Our minds are strongly connected with our gut and our mood, behavior and sense of well-being change a lot when our intestines don’t work properly.

Lemongrass (relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial)

This ingredient was added for its smooth and fresh taste, as well as for its anti-bacterial and microbial function. A fun fact is that the essential oils extracted from lemongrass is the ‘citronella’ we find in mosquito sprays. It’s a wonderful aroma and taste, and also a great mouth-taste-neutralizer. It is often taken after spicy food, to take away any bad breath or strong flavors.

Ginger (anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac)

Ginger increases heat, blood circulation and aids digestion. Whenever you feel nauseous, ginger is the root you need. Ginger also helps when you are feeling tired and stressed. The root supports the adrenal glands too, which are responsible for our hormonal balance.

Psyllium Husk (natural laxative, promotes colon health)

Psyllium Husk is a soluble fiber that helps with bowel movements. It absorbs toxins and supports elimination. You will not taste it, but it is effective. As with any fiber, it will help prevent a bloated tummy.

Orange Leaves (rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin)

Orange leaves are a common ingredient for all teas which promote calmness. Orange blossom and its leaves act as a natural relaxation ingredient, which is perfect before bedtime. It is also great for intestinal ‘relaxation,’ meaning that it acts against cramps and flatulence. The leaves also have an amazing Mediterranean aroma!

Liquorice Root (antacid, soothes menstrual cramps)

The liquorice root is great for low blood pressure as it is known to be able to raise your blood pressure a little. It’s also fantastic when you are stressed. Liquorice root has a healing effect on exhausted adrenal glands, as it can regulate our cortisol levels (the main stress-hormone). The natural sweetness is wonderful in the Night Cleanse, promoting a healthy and satisfying sleep. It is good for your intestines too, and can relieve both tension and cramps.

Peppermint (anti-bloating, digestive and colic relief)

Peppermint leaves are often used for digestive stomach problems. It acts immediately and will help both your stomach and your whole digestive tract. It also gives the tea its fresh taste. Peppermint is perfect after dinner, at the end of the day, or when your body has a lot to digest. Moroccan culture drinks Peppermint tea all day long!

Hawthorn berry (circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive)

The Hawthorn plant, sometimes referred to as “Mountain Rose” is part of the Rose family. The main benefits from hawthorn berries are their effect on our heart and blood vessels. The berries improve circulation, your heart’s function and help prevent high blood pressure. The berries also act as a natural laxative.
When you first use SkinnyMint’s Night Cleanse Tea, you may feel a change in your biorhythm after 14 to 28 days. There might be discomfort initially, but don’t worry, this is normal. Discomforts you might experience include headaches, colds, shivers and stronger bowel movements. The good thing is, it’s all temporally. Your body is cleansing itself and getting rid of toxins. When the discomfort stops, you’ll have good bowel movements, a flat stomach, more energy and a happy, clear state of mind.

Sweet dreams
By Kasia Vermaire — Skinny Mint Tea Expert

Detox & Cleanse November 1, 2014

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